2009 Work For Private Event

I created artistic modern lighting for a private event held in a commercial space in Los Angeles. The event needed to feel intimate, yet grand. The idea I settled on was lantern-like-fluffy-globes completely made out of various types of paper and layering techniques. The exterior was made out of hundreds of folded white commercial coffee filters. Yes, you read that right, coffee filters. I think the lighting turned out really great. I was even happier that they are more environmentally friendly than other elegant lighting options on the market today. This is the direction I am currently pursuing right now. Commissions, sculptures and art pieces that are sensitive to the environment and the beings that inhabit it.

The first picture is a close up of the light turned on, the second is a picture of them on the delivery truck.

The work found a happy home after the event was over. I’m so glad that the lights didn’t end up being retired after only one day of use for the event. So from start to finish I would say that this was an eco-friendly project & a success!

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2007 Work For Tom Sachs & The Lever House

In 2007 I made a series of outdoor sculptures for Tom Sachs. The originals were made by me and the bronze reproductions (and fountain construction) was done by Arizona Bronze. I loved this project! I love that they were public pieces that everyone could enjoy, and I love that some of sculptures are active fountains. I always feel good when I’m near a fountain.


tom-sachs-my melody-paris

love birds bronze

Thank you Tom! Thank you for trusting me with these pieces (including the whale). I hope they live for many years and bring joy to many lives. I will not forget the work and those who helped make it happen. I’m grateful. Xx.

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2007 Work for Sony


This was a 2007 Spring campaign for the Sony Style stores across the United States. Selected Sony products were cut of out felt by hand and photographed for graphics. “Spring Never Felt So Good”




The window below is a Sony Holiday window I made for Sony’s Madison Avenue flagship store. The photo has busy sections and blurry spots because it is in motion. There is a moving conveyor belt with stockings and gift boxes attached to the ceiling.

Sony Holiday2007Window

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2005 Work For Original AimeeLovesYou Website

This is a flash website that was designed for my painting projects. It was the original AimeeLovesYou site, the first one I created using that name. The paintings date from the late 90’s to 2005. [UPDATE: The website link is not active because I am currently changing the location of the site.]

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2004 Work for Ann Taylor


This hanging mobile is a 70′ feet tall. It was created for Ann Taylor‘s flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York City. The mobile is made of pink flower petals and several thousand feet of rink ribbon. This special installation was for a Breast Cancer Research Foundation fund raising event sponsored by Ann Taylor.

60ft. mobile view -C

60ft. mobile view -A

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2003-2009 Work For Mural Projects

Off and on I get a request from a client for a mural. I have painted entire pieces freehand many times, but over the last few years I have really enjoyed creating special stencils and silk-screens for projects. I’ve created huge stencils measuring several feet, and custom flat silkscreens for various mural projects. The murals I have created are both commercial and residential. The photos presented here are of me working “in progress”, not of the final outcome.

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